About our Program

Chippewa County  Crime Stoppers Program began in January 2022 resulting from the efforts of our Take a Stand Against Meth Campaign and community feedback received at town hall meetings.  Our Program now operates as an independent organization. The concept has developed into a combination of efforts by local media, businesses, civic and social clubs, law enforcement agencies, and the public. Donations of airtime, newspaper space, and reward monies have established Crime Stoppers as an effective tool to fight crime in the area.

Mission Statement

Chippewa County Crime Stoppers is a partnership of the public, law enforcement, and media which provides the community with a means to anonymously assist with solving crimes and contribute to an improved quality of life.  

Who is Involved

Scott Sullivan      President
Tom Eder      Vice President
Kaitlin Horstman      Treasurer
Tommy Allen      Secretary
Rose Baier      Coordinator
Ashley Carothers      Board Member
Julie Radke      Board Member
Wendy Schmidt      Board Member
Justin Babel      Board Member
Stacey Boos      Board Member
Joe Coughlin      Board Member
Bob Starck      Law Enforcement Liaison, Chippewa County Sheriffs Office
Tim Bowman      Law Enforcement Liaison, Lake Hallie Police Department
Kory Boos      Law Enforcement Liaison, Chippewa Falls Police Dept.
Sarah Hewitt      Law Enforcement Liaison, Stanley-Cadott
Brittney Beyer      Law Enforcement Liaison, Bloomer
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Crime Stoppers